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Jalan Sawe Batu Riti
83573 Kuta Lombok

Check-in: 2.30 pm
Check-out: 10.30 am


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How do I get from Lombok International Airport to Same Same?
We can arrange a pick-up for you if you like. Just contact us beforehand. You can also just take a taxi in the airport of course. We advise to always use an official taxi counter if you do so.
How far is SAME SAME from town / beach ?
Both are within walking distance. Kuta is only 5 minutes walk, Kuta Beach is about 8 minutes walk.
Do we need a car/bike to get around?
You don’t really need it, but it is the easiest way to get around. We can also have someone drive you by bike or car.
Are you close to any good surf spots?
The good surf spots in South Lombok are not actually in town. Kuta is the village that has pretty much all the accommodation, restaurants and shops. From here people drive out to the various surf spots for a session.
Is it safe to walk to and from town at night time?
Yes, our little town is safe to walk through. Some parts might be a bit dark, but that’s it. Dogs won’t attack you, even if they bark as you pass in the dark.
Is it safe to drive outside of town at night time?
Here we advise to always use common sense. On a deserted stretch of road in the dark, it’s always smart to drive with a few bikes together.
Apart from my breakfast, does Same Same serve any food?
Our on site restaurant, Same Same Hangout, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are open all day until 10 pm.
Will I hear the mosque from Same Same?
Yes. The whole point is that everybody can hear the prayers from their home, so we hear them here too. Luckily we don’t have a mosque right next door 🙂