Penujak Pottery Village

Penujak village is not more famous than other villages such as Sembalun village or Banyumulek. But this village is the oldest pottery centre on the Lombok island. And from this village, the Lombok pottery handicrafts spread to other regions in Lombok. For Penujak lombok people, pottery has cultural relation and a noble philosophic value. According to a senior pottery craftsman, the Lombok handicraft began from a simple kettle which was used for Adat Urip ceremony (a life ceremony), and Adat Pati ceremony (a death ceremony). After the birth of a baby, the kettle is used to keep the placenta. When somebody dies, the kettle is used to clean up the dead body. All of this so that people learn to stay humble in life. The message is that man is made from a single lump of soil and will return to soil after death. The kettle, made of soil, symbolises that. In daily life, the kettle is used to cook and for other household needs. This value that should be minded by people so they won’t be arrogant, because mankind are made from one lump of ground only, and will be back to the ground and completely depend to a simple kettle made from ground. Almost 70% of Penujak lombok people are working as a pottery craftsman, and they are spread in 7 small villages with distance amongs each craftsman around 600 m. Each small village has its own favorite pottery craft. You have Adong small village with its earth pots, Tongkek village with its candle holders, Toro and Mantung with their plates, and Terandon village with its kettle. While Telage village tends to do the finishing and decorating of the pottery. In Penujak village, you can see the whole pottery process: the forming, the burning, the fiishing. All of which are done traditionally without any machines. The pottery productions from Penujak village are sold at various prices that start from IDR 5,000 till IDR 200,000. Besides having ordinary shapes, there is one unique product that became the craftsmen’s favourite: the thief kettle. The name thief was given because to fill the kettle, you have to do it from a hole in the kettle’s bottom, like a thief who never takes a normal way. Even if the hole is in the kettle’s bottom, the water will not come out if the kettle is put like any other kettle. The kettle has been perfectly designed so the water will not come out from the bottom hole.This kind of Lombok handicraft can be found in art shops in Penujak village, or you may order it straight from the craftsman for a price around IDR 30,000/pc. You should definately visit and shop in this place when on holiday in lombok. You don’t need to worry about the quality since Lombok pottery from Penujak village has the best quality in Lombok island and has been worldly admitted. Penujak village is about 35 km from Mataram centre or 2 km from Lombok International Airport /BIL. With a personal car, this village can be reached in 50 minutes from Mataram city. You may take main road to BIL, head your car to the east until Sengkol’s threeway junction. There you turn to the right and after 15 km you will find Penujak Village.

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