Sade Traditional Village

If you want to get a good feel about the traditional Lombok culture and way of living, Sade Village is definitely the place to visit. Its only about 15 minutes drive from Kuta, so very easily doable, even for a stopover on your way to or from the airport. The village consists of all traditional Sasak houses and the inhabitants all live following the true Sasak traditions. Once you arrive there, a local guide will take you for a walk arounf the village, show you every little corner and tell you all about lifestyle, traditions, culture, …etc. You will be stunned by some of the facts you’ll hear. You will get to see local handicrafts being made, which is very interesting as well. Of course you will be asked to buy something, but that is no obligation at all! There is no entrance fee to visit this village. However your guide will request for a donation of your choice, that will go to the maintenance of the village. If you’re up for a bit of culture in a relaxed, Lombok style, Sade village is really worth a visit.

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