Waterfall + Sasak Villages

On this trip you will see two stunning waterfalls AND get some up close and personal traditional Sasak culture!   Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu waterfall: walk through the jungle up to these two beautiful waterfalls, bathe, swim, relax. Sade Village: a traditional Sasak village, where a local guide will walk you through town and tell you all about the old Sasak traditions Sukarara Weaving Center: watch the women hand weave the most gorgeous sarongs and blankets and purchase one if you like. Penujak and Banyumulek: This is where local pottery and woodcrafts are found everywhere!   Please make sure to dress respcectfully when entering these local villages. People will of course try to sell you their handicrafts, but there is no obligation to buy. If there is no entrance fee at the village, a small donation is expected.   Price: 700.000 IDR / 2 persons Every extra person: + 50.000 IDR Not included: food, drinks, souvenirs 🙂

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