Mawun Beach

Mawun beach is a secluded half-moon bay with crystal clear water and pristine sand. There’s one big tree where people congregate in the shade. Recently a few berugaks were added too and even some sunbeds. An awesome place for relaxing, safe swimming and surfing. Mawun beach shaped like a bow with a deep arch. The hills around the beach always change the colors as the seasons. In the rainy season, the hills will be dominated by green vegetation that thrives, while in the dry season will look brownish. These colors blend with blue and white ocean waves breaking in the distance when hit the reef. In the middle of the bay, you will find the sand with small grain size. But more to the south, you will find the sand grain size becomes larger. In the southern part of this bay, lots of black rocks spread out, blended with white sand beaches.

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