Sukarara Weaving Village

Weaved cloth is one of the traditional arts of Lombok island which has a special and distinct beauty. You can find it when you’re in Sukarara village and you will see traditional weaving tools, no machines. This village indeed is a village which is already widely known as a traditional weaved cloth producer on the Lombok island. The life of the people is mostly filled by operating the traditional weaving tool. They produce various kinds of merchandise, such as cloth, dresses, table covers, blankets, and scarfs with high quality and beautiful motifs. Due to the high quality product they produce, the village has been attracting many visitors, local or foreign. In Sukarara village you may find many women working as a weaver. It used to be a myth that men would get infertile when they weaved. But the myth is started to be forgotten and now many men are woringg as weavers too. The men usually weave for tenun ikat (string weave) while the women usually weave for tenun songket (weave which usually embroidered with gold /silver threads). The materials to weave such as cotton fabric, nylon, silk, silver thread and mersis thread are usually imported from outside of Lombok. While for the color, they still use traditional materials such as seed of tamarind, turmeric, mahogany bark, and betel vine leaf. But there are some threads that already get colored with special colors. If you want to buy weaved cloth from this village, you will have so many motifs to choose from. But the most famous motif that has become an icon in this village is the subahnala motif. This motif’s name comes from the Arabic language. According to local story, when the weavers were weaving this kind of motif, they were repeatedly saying ‘subhanallah’. The word is mentioned because it is hard to weave this motif and it takes a long time to make it. Beside subahnala motif, there are other motifs too such as Keker, Serat Penginang, Cunglik and so on. The prices vary, from IDR 25,000 for a scarf to IDR 3,000,000 for weaved cloth. If you wish for batik cloth, you can also find it here. The handmade or the printing batik are available here with Sasambo and Lombok special characters for prices from IDR 600,000 up  to 1,000,000. If you’re curious to see the weaving process, you can see it in major gift stores in this village. In Dharma Setya Artshop for example, you can see lines of weaving tool being operated by men and women. You can also try the weaing yourself. To get to the village, you can take a car, public transportation or motorbike. If you’re using a personal car or a motorbike, the route is Mataram-Cakaranegara-Kediri-Sukarara. While if you’re using public transportation, you have to take the route Mataram-Bertais (IDR 3,000), Bertais-Praya (IDR 6,000), and stop at Renteg bus station. From this station, you can take cidomo which costs IDR 5,000/person. If you have enough time, you can arrange your visit to Penujak and Beleka village. In those villages, you can enjoy the making or shopping of pottery products.

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