Getting to Lombok from Bali by… Slow Ferry

First, you need to get to Pandang bai in Bali
  • As you get inside the port area, you must buy your ticket inside the building on your left side. If you need orientation try to find someone with a uniform otherwise can be one of the many touts hanging around there.
  • The ferry ticket costs: 1 Person 46.000 Rp; 1 Bike (incl. 2 Persons) 129.000 Rp
  • The trip takes around 4.5 hours.
  • When you arrive at Lembar (Lombok) you just need to walk straight to leave the port area.
  • When you arrive you will see there is no public transportation, no bemo or buses. So the only way is to use the services of one of the drivers hanging around the port gate. You can walk straight until you reach the main road (nearby a supermarket) and try to get a taxi. Tip: If you are traveling alone, the best it to talk with the other travelers while you are in the boat, to see if anyone is going to the same destination as you, so you can share the ride.
  • The road to Kuta is good and the trip takes about 30 minutes
Pricelist ( 11/01/2018 ) Dewasa Rp. 46.000 Anak Rp.29.000 Sepeda Motor < 500 cc Rp. 129.000 Sepeda Motor > 500 cc Rp. 250.000

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